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Perpetual Ruin Demo


Aversionline, January 2004

Revök "Perpetual Ruin" CD
7/10 - [self-released]
     Hot damn! Five tracks of blistering grindcore in barely six minutes featuring guitar, vocals, and drums from this duo of ex-Kalibas members. This is grind if ever there was grind. Expect scathing screams, plenty of blasting speeds, a slew of riffs straight out of the old school Earache handbook, a scarce few slower rhythms with a slightly sludgy tinge (see "Perish"), etc. The longest song is 1:19, and they don't fuck around this thing is over and done with before you know it! I don't know what else to say. This stuff is pissed as hell, the performances are tight, and the attitude is dead on. The recording is quite good for having been tracked in a basement, too. It's thick and raw, but fairly clear, and definitely heavy/natural. I don't think I'd really change anything about it. The guitar tone is thick and textured so the absence of bass isn't a problem, the vocals are mixed right in the thick of it, and the drums are clear enough to let the details come forth. Not bad at all. The CD-R comes in a simple xeroxed sleeve with all text on the outside, but it looks nice and clean, and I'd say it's an effective and inexpensive way to get the music out there. The lyrics aren't included and I can't make out a word, so I'm not sure what to expect from that department. But fuck it, this is great stuff. I would fully expect this band to start releasing EP's and splits like crazy in the future, if they can coordinate their schedules and get the proper opportunities, which I certainly believe they should based on the strengths of this demo. Grab this if you're able
Running time - 6:10, Tracks: 5
[Notable tracks: Forever Sinking Bodies, Perish, and the other three as well]
Revök -

Damaging Noise #6

REVOK - "Perpetual Ruin" CDR-DEMO
Well it happened gang, SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS may have resuscitated REPULSION era garage-grind, but REVOK are smacking the chops of the "artsy-ambiguous" topical end just jim-dandy (and I DO mean Jim Whitely dandy!)! Great fusion of RIGHTEOUS PIG's speediest bits with TERRORIZER's punch (plenty of skank with none of the "groove" THANK YOU Jeebus!). The boys (there's 2 of them, the guitarist double-duties "regular shouting" that fits well regardless of the genre) basically AREN'T fucking retarded and understand the concept of crossing a single (and playable to most layman) dominant riff with NO LET UP of blastbeats (how REAL grind started and should never have ended). Ultra-clean (fuckin' pro almost!) recording will delight the ears while tickling the fancy (and the smart minimal packaging adds nicely to the "mystique"). If somebody doesn't do a record for these guys soon I'm leaving the scene. (Se@n)