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Spetember 2005
Put up a myspace page for the 2004 demo. Go to to check the last tracks we recorded. We're on hiatus for now since I'm too poor to go back to Rochester to record. Erik is recording for the Sulaco full length soon and the BCT discography will be out on Yawn Factory as soon as I finish the artwork. I think he'll be hitting the road with Nuclear Assault too so go smoke him up at one of those shows.
I have a new grind band with Josh and Joel from Anodyne called Defeatist. We've spent the summer writing songs for a live set (maybe) and touching eachother in uncomfortable ways. I guess be on the lookout for that too...
REVÖK will be appearing on the "Blood From The Zeitgeist" compilation CD from Codebreaker Records featuring Totalt Javla Morker, Set My Path, Zatokrev, Abandon, Rosetta, The Ocean, Hotbild, Llynch, The Last Mile, Sika Redem, Undergang, Lolita Stasi, Behold The Arctopus, and Radioskugga. Based in the UK, Codebreaker is the phoenix rising from the ashes that was Rage of Achilles records. The compilation should be rearing it's ugly head by the end of 2004.

The tracks representing REVÖK, from the March 2004 recording with Lon Häckette, are no longer available for download from our site. In their place, I posted another track from that same session. Check our audio page to listen to "Rendered Useless".

Material is currently being written for a forthcoming full length, label to be determined. There's enough material, I just need scoot my ass back to Rochester to record. I'm hoping our first show will be on the Goatsblood/Kill the Client tour stop in Rochester in December but they are having problems confirming tour dates it looks like. If you couldn't tell, this is just a diversionary tactic so that maybe you won't notice there really isn't anything going on with us right now, kind of.


Currently writing material for a full length. Hoping to record this summer in Rochester with Lon before Fall semester starts. Details and label to be revealed when things are more concrete...

I still have Kalibas CDs if anyone is interested. Help a broke ass college student out. Check the Audio page for details...thanks much.


Just posted 2 new tracks from our session last March "ScareTactics/Sales Tactics" and "This Infernal Machine".
Click on the Audio page for the link to our Soundclick page. I think these are just a rough mix for now but it sounds pretty chaotic. We recorded 5 songs in total but I'm still trying to get some poor fool to put this shit out since I'm too broke to do it myself. Thanks again to DougSpoth for the hassle...

Semester's almost over, thanks the gods...


So here's my first attempt at a website...

Just recorded 5 more songs in Rochester with Lon at the Edmonds House. Much smoother process now that he's had a few more recordings under his belt. The sound is much thicker this time, both recordings are being mixed together as I type this...

Much thanks to Lon, Burke and the Edmonds folks for putting me up for the week.



Black Sabbath: NEver Say Die
Noxious: 1990 Demo
Regulations: s/t
Martyrdod: In Extremis
Uranus: To This Bearer of Truth
GISM: all
Bolt Thrower: all
Crowpath: Son of Sulphur
GG Allin: Comp CD Joel made for me...

Genesis: Trespass
Selfish: Cry for Love, Cry for Death
Black Howler: Demo
Death Mold: Demo
Nasum: Shift
Kill The Client: Wage Slave
Unsane: Lambhouse
Thralldom: Beast Eye Opened To the Sky
Cult of Luna: Salvation
Camel: Mirage
PIL: Second Edition
Bad Brains: i against i
The Accused: Return of Martha Splatterhead
Isis: Panopticon
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter: Oh My Girl

PJ Harvey: Uh Huh Her
KENmode: new demo (thanks Jesse!)
Leviathan: Tentacles of Whorror
Django Rheinhardt: Best of...
Capharnaum: Fractured
Repulsion: Horrified re-issue (Genociiiiide!!)
DimMak: Intercepting Fist
Relevant Few: Art of Today
Electric Wizard: We Live
Armour of God: EP
Craft: Terror Propaganda
Disperfect Days: MP3s
MungBeanDemon: unreleased material
Disfear: Misanthropic Generation
Napalm Death: Death by Manipulation

Cretin: demo
Swarrrm: Nise Kuseishu Domo
Blood and Time: At the Foot of the Garden
Gadget: Remote
Gorgoroth: Twilight of the Idols
Harvey Milk: Courtesy and Goodwill Toward Men
Leviathan: 10th SubLevel of Suicide
Disgust: Horror of It All
Oxbow: Balls In the Great Meatgrinder Collection
Circle: Alotus

Unearthly Trance: s.o.s.s.o.s.
Circle: Alotus
Crowpath: Red on Chrome
Arsis: Celebration of Guilt
Goblin: Roller
Leviathan: 10th Level of Suicide & Verrater
Hammers of Misfortune: August Engine
Rwake: Hell Is a Door To the Sun